Friday felines

As I mentioned earlier in the week, last weekend, the catio was blocked off to the cats for a portion of a day. They were not happy about this… but it was with good reason.

On the catio-yard-side of the sunporch, there was a little porch and stairs that came down into the yard. Parts of it was old and rotting and needed to be replaced. It was also much bigger than it needed to be. We didn’t need a porch area at all, really – just stairs. Taking it down and rebuilding it would give us a little more “floor space” in the yard.

So Dave did just that. I don’t have before pictures, but this new set of steps is half the size of the old porch/steps, and twice as strong.

(The old porch/steps literally took up the whole area there –
cat cabana space included)

And of course, everything was give an nice coat of the Agate Green we did the rest of the porch in. (It was supposed to be Billiard Green, but the kid at Home Depot messed up when we got the paint and I didn’t notice until we got home – the colorus are very close though, so it doesn’t really matter.)

It create a nice bit of open space at the end of the yard, and as you can see, the cabana fits in just perfectly. Ideally, I’d like to get the BBQ out of there, and replace it with a little garden bistro set, but I have to talk Dave into letting me put the BBQ on the parking pad behind the sunporch. There’s more than enough room, but he’s terrified I’m going to fill the whole area with stuff.

Still, even with the BBQ there, I think the whole yard looks just wonderful now all the plants are in bloom, and the sunporch has had a facelift.

It’s a beautiful little garden oasis for my furry babies to enjoy.

And so far, Burton seems to approve.

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    Dave is certainly handy! I love that green. My great grandmother had a beautiful old Victorian house that I have so many fond memories of and she painted everything and I mean EVERYTHING inside and out in that shade of green. Even her tin flour and sugar canisters and the handles of her wood cooking utensils.


  2. What a transformation you guys are making with your house! The new area is just beautiful. I agree that relocating the BBQ would be a great idea and I am sure you will pull it off. I imagine your neighbors just drive by to see the changes.


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