Home making

While there were lots of little things to do this week, we did have one big task. It involved renting a trailer and heading down to Grandma’s house.

When she gave us the dining table all those years ago, she also promised us a pair of pine hutches that matched it. Now, with the house going up for sale this month, it was time to go down and get them, along with a few other things.

There was also an engine block to get (the orginal from Dave’s Charger) so Dad joined us with his truck. and between us we brought home not one, not two, but three hutches, a dresser, a couple of display cabinets.

Seeing them here now, makes me so glad we bought this house, because there is more than enough room in the dining room for them and the table. I can’t wait until we can finish the walls and floors and really show them off properly.

The third hutch…

Is apparently going to house some of Dave’s models. We’re not 100% sure on where it will go yet, but I’m thinking it will look pretty good in the living room with our other “antiques”.

And you may recall that Dave and I were planning on refinishing my old French Provincial style dressers. Now there is no need. Grandma had a bigger set (albiet in natural wood, not white) that were also in better shape. We were only able to fit the biggest one in, and will go back for the other in a couple of weeks.

Burton and spent the next day emptying mine, moving things around getting the new dresser all set up.

Dave had to help me put the mirror on, as it was too heavy, and Burton was no help (you can see how hard he works in the mirror’s reflection). But I think it looks just great.

And speaking of cats and no help…. Look what Burton made me do…

Five days in and I broke Austere August on grocery day. (Grocery stores should not be allowed to sell anything but food!!!)

But… seriously. How could I walk by that and NOT buy it??? It was $20 for the mat, so tried to make up for it and forgo the $20 I usually spend on lottery tickets at grocery day. Now I will be positively miserly for the rest of the month! I swear!

12 thoughts on “Home making

  1. Araignee

    How wonderful that you could use Grandma’s beautiful furniture. It killed me to have to give away so much of my mom’s but I have NO room. Her neighbors made quick work of it and I guess I should be happy it all went to a good home.
    Love that mat. I had one somewhat like it but the outdoor kitties destroyed it. It was their favorite scratching pad.


  2. That kitty mat doesn’t count. That is household maintenance. It keeps mud out of the house. You’re still good on Austere August.

    The dresser is BEAUTIFUL. I love the antique phone you put on there.


  3. Grandma would be happy that you gave her beautiful furniture a home. I love older furniture because it is sturdy and well made. The door mat definitely HAD to come home with you!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    How wonderful that you have the space for Grandma’s furniture! Definitely a yes on hutch #3 in the living room. Great trade on the mat and since you did not purchase lottery tickets I would still consider myself on track. The dresser looks great in the bedroom.


  5. You and Dave certainly got some lovely pieces of furniture from his Grandmother. Pieces passed down like that have so many memories stored in them (we have a lot of furniture that was my parents and some that my Grandfather made). So nice that you are now in a house where you have room for the furniture. Love your new door mat. I agree with Dee – it’s a household necessity!


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