Black cats look better in the shade

August has rolled in like a hot, fiery dragon. The weekend was horribly hot and humid. Dave and I had plans to check out a nearby car show and swap meet. But after a week of gardening and moving furniture, we both agreed we weren’t up to walking around in the sun and heat, regardless of the promise of pretty cars to look at.

So instead, I stayed inside with Burton.

The poor floofy boy, of all the cats, the heat is the hardest on him. Not only does he have extra floof, but it’s black, so he just can’t take the sun like the other two. While Rupert is content to cook out in the catio, Burton can usually be found sprawled up on the bed, in front of the air conditioner.

Of course, when I opened up the studio doro, he was happy to join me there. The last couple of Blockhead blocks weren’t our cup of tea, so we decided to replace them with a couple more cat blocks.

Because… you can never have enough cats.

Especially in a cat-themed sampler quilt! We’ve now got 20 blocks, and I’m thinking 30 will be an ideal number. So now we wait (inside, out of the heat!) to see what new block come up this week.

8 thoughts on “Black cats look better in the shade

  1. He sure is a fluffy guy!! Poor Mabel goes out and then we will see her on the patio with her mouth open and panting. We bring her in to cool off but she only wants to go back out again and then races across the yard. Geeze! I keep telling her to calm down and stay cool…but she does not seem to listen to me.


  2. Araignee

    I’m with Burton. It’s too damn hot to be out and about. I am more than happy to stay inside this time of year. It’s not only the heat but the bugs. They all go crazy. The Mister got stung yesterday just taking out the trash.


  3. Da Boyz prefer to sleep in the warm section of the house, instead of where the window a/c is, and they even sleep in full sun!
    Sweetie has a new location for napping under the dresser; I think she’s hiding from the fans, because she cannot hear them nor the a/c unit.


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