Friday felines

There was one other piece of furniture we brought back from Dave’s Grandma’s house, but it wasn’t something for us.

This cute little chaise belonged to Grandma’s Sheltie Ella. Dave’s uncle took in Ella, but he left the chaise behind. I had admired it once, saying I’d love to have something like it for the cats. So Dave’s Mom asked if I would like to take it home.

Naturally, I said yes, because there was a certain kitty I was sure would love it.

When we got it here, I took the cushions off and gave everything a good wash. That said, it must still have smelt a little odd. While Relic was immediatley interested, he seemed a little unsure about using it at first.

But after a day or two, he got more comfortable with it.

MUCH more comfortable.

11 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. He looks very comfortable! The other cats don’t try to use it? Bisquee has claimed the loveseat in our sunroom; we have a cat bed on it. Nobody else sits there, neither hoomin nor Calvin. It’s hers!


  2. What wonderful pieces Dave’s Grandma left for you guys. I am sure Relic will greatly enjoy his chaise. Loved seeing all the houses in your neighborhood, so glad our urban area offers lots of house styles so we aren’t all in the same model. The baby quilts are adorable!! OK, I think I’ve caught up, but, no knitting?


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