Sunny days

While none of the sunflower seeds I planted made it (thanks Foxy squirrel), I did get several “volunteers” from the bird feeders.

They aren’t huge – the tallest is only about four feet high.

Naturally they attract pollinators.

We have lots of these little black bees here (I think they are type of a Carpenter Bee). The really seem to love the sunflowers. But they aren’t the only ones.

I found this big spur-throated grasshopper hanging out there the other day.

Eventually, as the seeds ripen they will also attract the finches and squirrels, both of whom love a good sunflower feast.

These aren’t the only “sunny” flowers in the garden.

This beauty is a False Sunflower. At the townhouse, a neighbour had a yellow version of it, and it grew in a wild mass. This one is new to me this year, and the company advertised it as a solid red version of the flower… obviously it’s not. But it’s still pretty. False Sunflower is also a native plant, and should bloom right through fall.

This zinnia I started from seed this year is red…. red as red can be! With more blooms to come.

This Helenium (aka Sneeze Weed) is a lovely mix of red and yellow. It’s another new on this year, and not terribly robust yet, but it promises to get better each year. I have a native solid yellow version of this in the catio – the plant is huge, but it hasn’t bloomed yet. (This one’s name is Sahin’s Early Flowerer… so that’s a good clue why the other one has no flowers yet).

And the black-eyed susans are blooming strong now… always a sign to be that summer is approaching its end.

Still, so many of these beauties bloom right until the first frost, so there’s still months left of garden to enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Sunny days

  1. Ha! I recently found out why sneezeweed is called sneezeweed!
    Supposedly, miners would use it like snuff, to clear their sinuses of the dust from the mine.
    Pretty plant, however maybe it’s time for a new name, just sayin’…


  2. Araignee

    I love zinnias so much! I rarely see them here anymore. I might try to grow some myself next year since we’ve got a bit more sunshine thanks to losing the tree that took out Mini.


  3. I love those sunflowers, and you have such nice pictures of them. I meant to plant sunflowers this year, but opted not to because I was supposed to have a furnace/ac installation (replacement) in July, and the a/c condenser is in the side yard where I usually plant tomatoes/squash/would be sunflowers. But supply chain issues put me off til next week (fingers crossed the equipment made it), so I have no ac unit, no sunflowers, no squash! Good thing the old unit is limping along…


  4. You are giving me a bit of garden envy!!!

    I was out there dead-heading today and the only thing doing well right now is the Black-eyed Susans. Everything else is so heat stressed.


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