Dizzy daisies

For the last of the three baby quilts, I finally got to make something for a girl!!!! There’s nothing wrong with making things for boys, but secretly, I almost always find the girly stuff more fun.

For this one I dove into the stash and came out with a few fat quarters from a line called Sweet Pea, and turned out some dizzy daisies.

You’ve seen it many times before, as it’s one of my favourite blocks. The most time consuming part is the cutting (and even that doesn’t take very long). The blocks just whizz together.

And before you know it, you have a completed top.

With previous dizzy daisy quilts, I’ve always just sewn the blocks right together, but this time I decided to add a thin sashing.

And dressed it up a touch with some wee cornerstone flowers.

Then I gave the whole thing another border with the same star fabric I used for the cornerstone petals.

It’s not from the same line, but the colours worked pretty well and I had just enough of it. I call that meant to be. And speaking of meant to be…

You may recall this pretty flannel from the back of the Spring Kittens quilt. I had just enough of it to piece it together for the back of this one. And it couldn’t be more perfect!

Burton obviously agrees!!!!

So now, with all three tops done, I’ve made a date with Mom and her long arm. Next weekend I’ll be headed there to get these quilted and ready to send to be snuggled by new little lives.

10 thoughts on “Dizzy daisies

  1. Araignee

    So sweet! I hear you about the girl thing. After 5 grandsons in a row I am so over the blue thing. My poor DIL cried like a baby when she found out she was having another boy. She so wanted to have the first granddaughter of the family. That honor is up for grabs but honestly, I’m okay with all the boys. The world is a hard place for girls right now.


  2. It is adorable!! I love the cornerstones! I just got Baby Quilt #4 into a top and will try to find backing so I can quilt it this weekend, as I need it Sat the 27th for the shower! And then only 4 more baby quilts to go after that until I am caught up in March 2023. Unless someone else turns up pregnant!


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