FO: Spring kittens

I finally got a day to get up to Mom’s for some quilting, and you know Spring Kittens baby quilt was the one I wanted to tackle first.

I just can’t get enough of those sweet little kitty faces all over this fabric.

Normally I prefer brighter colours to pastels, especially for babies… but there’s just something about these shades all coming together!

You may recall, I was going to use a striped cotton for the back. But part of me REALLY wanted flannel for this one. I love putting flannel on the back of a baby quilt. Not long before we got the house, I had to order some fabric for an couple of planned quilt, so I added a chunk of flannel for the back of this.

I’m so glad I did! The stripes would have been fine, but this one is just so much better!

And now it’s done and in the shop – awaiting the purrfect home!

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