Baubles and blooms

After driving long distances, and moving far too much furniture on Saturday, I was really looking forward to devoting Sunday to sewing. And sew I did. (With some help from Burton, of course)

We were several blocks behind on the Moda Blockheads quilt and I was determined to catch up.

First was a block called Bauble.

It was a very neat block, but in all honesty, a total pain in the butt! The designer used paper piecing to make those top and bottom triangles. Paper piecing still confuses me so I tried to figure out another way. Eventually, I got it, but it took some trial and error (and several swear words).

After that we moved on to something more more enjoyable. One of the bonus blocks was a basket block. But we noticed that the basket block is really just a bear paw block with a base added on. So we decide just to make a bear paw block… or in this case… a cats claw.

And we liked it so much we decide to make two!

Then we did the most recent block in the quilt along.

Just another variation on a star block, but Burton did point out that it gave us more practice at quarter-square triangles. And we are getting much better at making them!

And before we laid it all out to see how it would all look, Burton reminded me that when we made the dizzy daisy quilt, we’d thrown together a pair for this quilt too (they were the right size, so why not?!?)

Aren’t they sweet?

Now we have 26 blocks total. I’m aiming for 30, so that’s just four more to go. Another block will be released tomorrow, so we are definitely nearing the end on this one!!!

10 thoughts on “Baubles and blooms

  1. That is going to be such a great quilt top. Burton has very good ideas and I’m glad that you listen to him. What would you ever do without his advice? I can’t wrap my brain around paper piecing but maybe someday I’ll give it another try.


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