Walkabout Wednesday

Unlike the last few walkabout posts, this one doesn’t really have a theme. It’s just random things I’ve seen lately.

The other day, this plane was flying really low over the town. It did about 20-30 loops over our house. Despite it’s low altitude, I still had a hard time getting a picture of it. This is one of the best, and I kind of like the way the sun shines in it. I still haven’t found out why it flying low, or doing loops. Possible theories are dusting crops (though I didn’t see any apparatus attached to the plane that would indicate that), dropping rabies vaccine baits (though the Ministry of Natural Resource planes are usually yellow/orange) or (and this is Dave’s theory), the pilot is the aviation version of those seadoo jerks who just do donuts around the boat launch.

It was kind of cool for the first few loops, but by about the 10th, it was just kind of loud and annoying. Whatever the reason, by early afternoon it was no more and we just got to listen to lawnmowers for the rest of the day.

Speaking of lawnmowers, I’m guessing this homeowner sold theirs…

Now, it’s not something I personally would do. But it’s definitely a creative “alternate” no-maintenance lawn.

I’ve you’ve been enjoying my posts, and think you might want to move to my little town – this house is for sale. That said, the housing market has really changed… prices are still too high, but no one seems to be buying them. This one has been on the market for about a month, and there’s one down the street and around the corner that has been up for almost three. When Dave and I were looking, we found most houses were selling within a week. But early summer, as in other countries, interest rates went up here. The buyers appear to mostly be waiting for prices to drop, but it seems the sellers don’t want to give up the idea they can still get sky high prices.

It’s fascinating to watch how quickly things changed.

This house isn’t for sale, but when I took the picture, it was in the process of getting a new roof. But that’s not why I snapped a photo. If you’ll notice, it’s another of those houses like mine, but I really love the way they added to this one. The little porch at the front door is charming, and I love the side addition, complete with enclosed sun porch and second-level balcony. The fact that is has two front doors makes me wonder if it’s split into two units. One of our neighbours has a similar style addition (without the balcony) and the addition is a second unit.

And from houses we go to a completely random scarecrow on a post by the sidewalk. I think I remember reading something about a scarecrow contest, with winners announced at the fall fair. I’m going to have to do some digging and see if I can find some more info on it. I may have to go on a scarecrow hunt for a walkabout post!

And last…

This is the newest beauty on the lot up the street. I spied it when walking to drop off parts at the mechanic for Dave’s Charger. Dave thinks this Charger is a ’76. It is the same colour as his though, so I told him if I win the lottery, I’m buying it so we have matchy-matchy cars. He just rolled his eyes, but I think it’s a GREAT idea.

It is going to have to be a big lottery win though… because it seems I plan on buying a lot of classic cars!

7 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. I see that turquoise pickup is still on the lot!! I love that second story balcony. What a great place to sit and relax. I’ve noticed too that for sale signs around here are staying up way longer than they were a little bit ago. But, on the flip side, the couple living in Colin & Mailing’s house right now have bid on several houses and keep getting out-bid, so I guess people are still buying. One couple out bid them by $100K!! That is just crazy.


  2. The housing market seems similar here. There aren’t many houses on the market in our zip code. It’s two ends of the market ………..the multi-million dollar houses and a couple of the older townhouses.

    The one at the end of our street sold in under a day for $269,000 (4 bdr, 2-1/2 bath cape cod), but it is a total gut job inside and out. Most are running in the $450,000 range and up (FOR A TOWNHOUSE)!

    I don’t see that Stephen will ever get a house if the market stays like this. On the other hand, he has been in his rental for 5 years and the rental price hasn’t gone up horribly.

    The one you showed is cute, but it has a deal breaker for me……….the stove is right up against the wall. I guess I won’t be your neighbor.


  3. The housing market is very tight in this university town. Apartment buildings abound and more are being built all the time. As for the yard of stones, definitely not for me! I can only imagine the heat the stones would absorb.


  4. Araignee

    I’d buy that house in a heartbeat but I doubt Canada would let us Americans in and I don’t blame you. We’ve all gone nuts down here. Must be the water…..lol.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    That auto lot has some really great vehicles. How tempting. Love seeing the various houses that started out with the same plan as yours. Love the little balcony. Surely you are going to participate in the scarecrow contest.


  6. jatshaw

    Housing prices here have gone crazy. There are 3 for sale in our neighborhood, and all are over a million dollars each. The houses here aren’t moving as quickly as they were though. Looks like you had a fun walk. We just got back from ours that started out on a trail that goes by the Seahawks training center. The trail is on an old rail road track that’s been made into a nice place to walk as it goes along Lake Washington. Today it was a hot walk, but at least there was some shade and a nice breeze off the lake, thankfully.


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