FO: Wee Liesl

Whenever I’ve had a moment to spare, the knitting needles have been clicking away. And as a result, Wee Liesl was blocked on the weekend and I sewed her buttons on last night.

It’s a pattern I’ve knit twice before (both times for Wren). As usual, I omitted the garter row, because I prefer this smoother look. However, this is the first time I’ve knit it with full length sleeves, and in the smallest size.

I used a skein of Regia for it, and I really wish you could see it in person. It’s lovely shade of powder puff pink, but with subtle heathering of pale blue and mauve. It’s just gorgeous. I originally bought it to make socks for myself, but I think this is a much better use.

I finished it off with some pearl heart buttons, and now it’s ready to be packed up and sent off with the Sweet Pea quilt.

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