Walkabout Wednesday

Once again either the heat, or just a busy day have kept me from doing as much walking as I would like, But I managed to get out on lunch to check the mail yesterday, so here are some random things I saw on the way to the post office…

The welding shop on the corner has some beautifully talll sunflowers. It makes my little volunteers look rather pitiful and I have a bad case of sunflower envy.

Just down the street, there’s a house that has these beautiful planter boxes at the end of their walkway. They used to be in shade, but they took out a tree this summer (sadly, it was the crabapple that I loved so much this spring) and now the boxes get sun all day. They are obviously thriving because of it.

All the red petunias the town planted are thriving. We see a worker from the town going around watering them all a couple times a week, so they haven’t had to worry about our lack of rain. That said, my petunias are doing almost as well – I’ve got a couple massive clumps in the catio… though nothing quite as spectacular as this planter (and all the others about town).

And in the “downtown” where the post office is, there’s a little pub. As soon as the weather gets nice, they block off the side walk for their patio. To compensate, they turned two of the parking spots in front into the sidewalk (there’s enough parking in the area that this isn’t an issue). I love how they have it decorated with the planters. But the really amazing part, is that all that wood is removeable – they disassemble it and pack it all away come winter.

And last… just a little random thing…

… part of this sidewalk cracked, and love how this little creeping weed has thrived and filled in the spaces.

9 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Beautiful flowers and what a great idea the pub has. What a lot of work, too — putting up the wood for their patio and then removing it. The last picture is great – I love when moss does that.


  2. Araignee

    That vine that everyone has in there planting boxes this year fascinates me. It looks like a sweet potato vine to me. I’ve never seen it before and now I see it everywhere.


  3. That pub; sounds like a delightful place to relax, blow the froth off a few, and enjoy the season.
    We had our sidewalk replaced last year, so all of those weeds/creeping plants that grew in the cracks are gone.
    Until they start growing again.


  4. Beautiful flowers! I really love the petunias in the planters. And the sidewalk art. It looks like a big footprint. 🙂 There are several little towns in Washington that plant petunias in hanging baskets all over the downtown area. Colville comes to mind because they plant purple petunias and those are my favorites. I always enjoyed walking around town there.


  5. Those red petunias are spectacular. The moss …….well, THAT is simply amazing.

    I’d love to spend some time outside at that pub once the weather turned reasonable.


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