Moving in

There was no rest for the wicked this weekend. While Saturday was spent putting plants (or bulbs) outside, Sunday was spent bringing plants in.

It was time to bring the house plants in. Normally I wait until Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving that is), but with the weather turning so cold so quickly, I decided it would be prudent to bring them in a little early.

And that seems like a pretty easy job… but I’ve got A LOT of houseplants. I’ve never actually counted, but if I had to guess, I suspect it would be somewhere around 100.

Add to that the need to hang some shelves, rearrange some furniture, repot about half the plants, and inspect and clean leaves and stems (I’ve got a few cases of scale and mealy bugs)… and it turned into an all day affair.

I worked from 11 am to about 5:30 pm…. and I called it a day. There’s still a few plants out there – six hanging plants that have to wait until Dave installs some hooks for me, and a handful that need repotting. But I was just too tired to finish it up, so instead I took Dave out to dinner.

When we got back, I took pictures.

After last winter, Dave asked that I not clutter up the lower living room by putting all the plants in one spot this year. So I spent the summer collecting plant stands and deciding where everything will go. Happily, there are several big windows in this house.

Now the livingroom has just this small stand (which was the one we found at the used store – Dave painted it up nice for me), as well as my Monstera and Yucca tree in big pots.

And there’s also one little corner stand.

Happily, the spider plants I have to keep out of reach from the cats, and this stand is ideal for that.

In the upper living room, I added a few more plants to the window sill, and on and around the Ikea table.

And yes, the open space on the table is for the cats. Normally, there’s a little quilted runner there for them, but it was in the wash.

There was one empty corner of that room, but it doesn’t get much light. I repurposed my grow station. It’s ideal for my succulents and cacti that need lots of light. I’m not sure if I’ll start more seeds come spring, but if I do, I’ll have to do some rearranging.

I ordered this stand from Amazon several weeks back. I love how it echoes the rise of the stairs. It will look even nicer when we have the walls and floors finished.

My studio has a west facing window, and as such, the room gets a lot of light. It’s ideal for plants, so I got Dave to hang a couple shelves for me.

And last… it took some rearranging (we had a fair bit of the furniture from grandma’s house in the way), but I also made space in front of the dining room window.

Grandma’s old tea cart, and another little wooden stand keep these beauties in the light. This window is north facing, so I put my orchid collection. The kitchen window is north facing, and my little yellow orchid has been living there very happily since we moved. In fact, it just started blooming again!

And before I go…

My Lifesaver Cactus has bloomed! You can see there’s another bud beside it, but there’s also a smaller one hiding behind it too! I just love this plant, and more so now that it’s bloomed! A huge thanks to Delight Hands for sharing pictures of hers and inspiring me to get one!

8 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. My goodness Val! That’s a lot of houseplants. Do you have a schedule for watering them or do you just take a chunk of time to water them all? The last bloom just fell off of. my orchid. It has been blooming non-stop since last June! Do I leave the “stick” for new blooms or trim it down to the leaves?


  2. Araignee

    It’s a jungle! I killed my only two houseplants during the Big Itch adventure last March. I had put them outside while cleaning and forgot about them and the cold got them. I feel terrible. One plant I’ve had since the kids were little-about 35 years. I still feel sick about it.


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