Walkabout Wednesday

Ah… October…. the month of the “Fall”iday season!!! Here in Canada we have Thanksgiving on the first Monday of the month, and of course, Hallowe’en on the 31st.

And in this town, the neighbours are starting to get into the spirit

For some it’s a simple as a mum, a bale of straw and a couple of pumpkins…

Or even several pumpkins.

The Presbyterian church up the game with a few corn stalks as well.

And I love this house, with the leaves around the door (and mums and pumpkins of course!)

But another house is already invoking the spookier side with a few strategically placed cobwebs and some caution tape.

And this place has just gone whole hog with ghosts and ghouls hanging from every possible spot!

At the moment, all I have are my mums, but after Thanksgiving on Monday, I’ll be digging out my skeleton collection and spooking up the front gardens.

7 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Araignee

    I was shocked at how few fall displays I’ve seen around here-which is actually none. I haven’t seen a pumpkin yet, not even in the posh houses on the water. You would never even know it was October even though it’s the coldest one I remember. We’ve had the heat on and I’m in double layers and wool hats already.


  2. ‘Tis the season!!!

    I haven’t driven by the house up the way to see if big Skelly is out. I’ve seen several houses with purple or orange lights. One house up in the rural area has a huge blow up Jack Skellington! It is so cool!


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