Walkabout Wednesday

I woke up yesterday morning, looked out my bathroom window…

And decided I needed to go for a walk and take in all that beautiful fall colour.

I had stuff to do, so I didn’t end up going until late in the afternoon, but by then, the light was perfect. While there are a lot of beautiful trees in town…

I decided to head up River Street. It leads out of town, and within five or so minutes of walking, you’re in the country. There are still houses on one side, though they become spaced out further and further apart as you walk. The other side of the road is all farm fields, meadows and hedgerows.

If it wasn’t for the occasional truck dieseling on by, one could almost imagine herself as Elizabeth Bennet walking that three miles to Mr. Bingley’s house.

There are quite a few sugar maples in the area, and they really do turn amazing colours.

They almost glow in the landscape.

But it wasn’t just trees….

I don’t like the Virginia Creeper in my yard, but it does turn a brilliant shade of red in the fall.

There were wild asters all along the roadside.

And lots of milkweed. The stuff on the left wasn’t quite ready yet, but the patch on the right as nice and dry. I opened a few pods and helped them on their way, and stuck a couple pods in my pocket for planting in the garden next spring.

It was a beautiful walk, out of town and back in. A perfect fall day.

10 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Robin

    Absolutely gorgeous! Now is my favourite time of year. We live right on the edge of town too. I love to walk out and look at the farm fields and apple orchards.


  2. Araignee

    Oh, wow….fall has really come on strong up there. We’re still waiting but I am seeing some yellow in the trees. We are heading north two hours on Friday to babysit the Grand and I’m hoping to see a bit more change up Daughter’s way.


  3. Your walk is such a pretty one. The autumn color has just blossomed there. Ours are looking very pretty right now too. I’m wishing fall could stick around a LOT longer this year. Snow isn’t my favorite, but I’m going to try and not complain about it.
    Blessings and hugs,


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