The slow descent…

While the nights are chilly, the day still warm up nicely. So there’s still quite a bit blooming in the garden.

But the garden continues to throw up surprises…

The Queen Elizabeth rose put up her first bloom this year. She was one of the roses I bought that were in bad shape. I take this flower as a sign that’s she’s going to do spectacular things next year.

And I was in complete shock when I went out and saw this…

ANOTHER of the clearance Clematises I bought has bloomed. And it has several more buds. Hopefully the frost will hold off long enough to let them bloom.

And this one too…

One last flower from Chicago Peace would be a wonderful end to a wonderful gardening season.

6 thoughts on “The slow descent…

  1. Araignee

    I am amazed you still have so much stuff in bloom. The city came and ripped up all the flower beds last week and filled them in with mulch. I know they are getting ready to put up all the Christmas stuff. They usually start the week of Halloween so they don’t want the flowering stuff in their way.


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