Blown away

Earlier this week, I told Dave we were getting up bright and early the next day to head to Chatham, a town about an hour to the southwest of us. I’d been playing on Facebook Marketplace again, and found a lady down there with a pile of Christmas Blow-Molds. You may remember from earlier this year, that I’d gotten a couple for Dad, to add to his display.

We headed out in Dory, had a lovely drive, and a lovely exchange with the lady. Apparently the blow-molds had belonged to an elderly neighbour couple. The husband used to put on a big display every year, but sadly, passed away this summer. The wife was cleaning out the house, and since she wasn’t able to assemble the display, put all the blow molds on the curb for the garbage. Thankfully, this good neighbour knew what they were worth, and told the wife she would sell them for her.

She had quite a few, and by the time we got there, several had already been sold. But I still managed to score a good haul.

But the one I’m really excited about…

Santa on his sleigh! The sleigh has one blade that needs to be reattached, but Dave’s confident he can figure out something to fix it. Apparently, it had a couple reindeer at one time, but the ones that belonged to this are long gone.

Still, I know Dad is going to be thrilled. They are his birthday present, but I’m probably going to give them to him a little early. His birthday is only a week before Christmas, so if I give them to him at the start of December, he’ll be able to include them in this year’s display.

Afterwards, Dave decided he wanted to do some thrifting… making me stop at every thrift store we came across in the area… and Chatham has a lot of thrift stores. Surprisingly, we didn’t end up buying anything (and I didn’t take any pictures). But we finished up with lunch at a great little diner in a town called Thamesville on the way home.

Dave had a double-decker bacon cheeseburger with onion rings, and I stuck with my tried and true chicken fingers.

All in all, a rather successful outing

8 thoughts on “Blown away

  1. Araignee

    What a fun adventure! The Mister’s brother puts up a yard full of those types of decorations every year. People come from all over to see his display.


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