Mr. Thrifty

I mentioned earlier this week that Dave had me running around to pick up some new kijiji finds. Well the whole thing actually started a few weeks before my vacation.

We were in our favourite used store, and he found another antique radio. It was in decent shape, but this one he wanted to modernize a little more.

Ever since then, he’s been on the hunt for parts. And that means finding other broken radios and electronics.

We spent a good chunk of my vacation driving around and hunting down thrift stores, flea markets, and kijiji finds.

It wasn’t until after my vacation that we came across something really promising.

It is a Lowe Opta radio/record player console from the ’50s. I found it on Facebook Marketplace for just $10. The radio didn’t work, and the record player was no longer in it. But it had the parts he needed (speakers and tubes or some such).

Of course, once we got it home, and he took it apart, he decided the parts would be put to better use elsewhere, so he was STILL on the hunt for what he needed.

So it was Sunday morning that Dave had come across someone who might have what he was looking for., possibly multiple things.

Now, as I said, I would have been more than happy to let Dave take my truck. But he refuses. Ages and ages ago, he borrowed his uncles SUV, and it blew the rad, and overheated on the highway. Since then he refuses drive any vehicle but his own. So… off we went.

And we came home with not one, but two vintage record players, an ancient reel-to-reel projector, and a homemade PA system.

I lost half a day to work on my stuff, but he’s a really happy guy now. And he did buy me chip wagon fries for lunch

Oh… and I guess I can’t complain too much… the day we picked up the big console, we also stopped at the Restore.

I got this wonderful little antique medicine cabinet. Now I just need to tear Dave away from his new projects so he can mount it on the wall in the studio. I think it’s going to be just perfect for threads and other sewing things.

10 thoughts on “Mr. Thrifty

  1. wow that’s a lot of vintage right there! I had to google kijiji, I’d never heard of that before. Love you little medicine cabinet, its going to look fab mounted and filled with treasures.


  2. Araignee

    That console looks like the one my grandmother had in her living room only hers was in a lighter wood. My mom had a big one like that too in our living room. She woke us up to the Supremes blaring every morning. Every time I hear The Happening I think of her and her breakfast of champions-cigarettes and coffee.


  3. So cool that you and Dave have such a good time thrifing together! Glad he found his treasures and you are right – that cabinet will be wonderful in your studio!


  4. I love that medicine cabinet. I think it’s so neat that both you and Dave like old/vintage things. I do too, and Dennis humors me but isn’t as into them as I am. How fun that you both found some neat things. Love the record player.


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