A November garden

To say that November is off to a weird start is an understatement.

Usually, the week of our Thanksgiving (Early-Mid October) is almost always “summerish”, but after that we may get a nice day or two, but in general, the end of October and into November it’s cold and wet. While we never get much accumulation, it’s not entirely uncommon to have snow in late October, and no one would ever bat an eyelash at it in November.

But this year… Thanksgiving week was as expected, as was the week after it. Then something happened. The temps zoomed up and stay there. While the nights still dip down to close to freezing… there’s been no hard frost. And the days…. most days get at least above 15C/59F… and 20C/68F days have been plentiful. And this has been going on for about two full weeks at this point!

Today is supposed to get up to 22C/72F and while temps are supposed to fall off the following week, they are still expected to stay above 15C/59F.

I don’t ever remember a fall like this.

I’m not complaining, because it means I still get to see things like this..

From top left:

The Toad Lilies are doing amazing this year. They’ve multiplied and there has to be about 30 blooms on all the plants. Next year I might split them up and move some to a shady spot out front.

This is a first for the Physostegia… it’s blooming again. And I admit, this plant is only about three years old – but this has NEVER happened. My only explanation is the weather. I won’t get as big a show as the first bloom, but it’s nice to see a bit of colour in that corner.

The Tickseed is a prolific bloomer in the warm weather, so I’m not surprised to see more blooms on it with this extended warmth. This is another plant I’ll probably split and put more out front.

While the Coneflowers blooms slow in the fall, they don’t stop until a hard frost… so I’ve still got a handful of gorgeous beauties. These ones are such and intense red, they really stand out.

And yes… it’s stayed warm enough for my Chicago Peace Rose to bloom!!! There’s another bud too, but I think I’m going to cut it and let it bloom inside. This one is currently getting ravaged by cucumber beetles… I went out this morning and there were about a dozen on it. I guess they don’t have many cucumbers to munch on, and the warm weather is keeping them active.

And all the Clematis buds were able to bloom. The cooler nights have given the newer ones this gorgeous pink and green tinge. I am absolutely thrilled to have Clematis thriving after so many years of failure with them. I think they are going to be just amazing next year.

And last… Fresh November Strawberries anyone??? They are small, but they are ripening!

Since the weather is supposed to hold until next weekend… I expect I’ll have another garden post for you then. There’s some Susans, a daylily and another rose with buds coming… we’ll see if they make it before then. In the mean time… I have to go cut my grass again… lol

8 thoughts on “A November garden

  1. We are dealing with that same weird weather too. It’s supposed to be up near 80°F on Sunday, then turning cold later in the week.

    Nothing is blooming in my garden anymore. The drought killed off most all the blooms early in the fall. 😦


  2. It’s about the same here. Today the temperature should reach 80 degrees. It has been the most wonderful fall we have had in years. The fall color is fabulous and so many plants are still blooming. Just beautiful.


  3. Yes, this warmer weather has been enjoyable!
    All of the leaves were on the trees, however, then WHOMP…they are mostly all down now.
    Very windy today, with a front coming through, but the temps are not going to dip too much.


  4. Mary McNeil

    Here in NE Ohio most of October was rainy with lows in the 30s – more like November. Now we too are having milder weather – more like October. We still have not had a “killing” frost. Not lookinga guuft horse in the mouth though!


  5. We’ve had the same weather, upper 70’s for the past several weeks…until Friday. Then it went from 77F on Thursday to a high of 41F on Friday. Then a wintry mix yesterday and last night. It’s supposed to be back in the 60’s soon, but I think the long stretches of warmth are over.
    Your flowers are still looking so beautiful.


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