A little more Lemmy

Although it’s only been five years since Burton was a kitten, I’d completely forgotten what it’s like having a kitten in the house. Lemmy was already pretty fearless (which is one of the things Dave loved about him) but now that he’s gotten comfortable, he’s REALLY coming out of his shell.

He’s into everything he can get into, and he’s more than willing to give it a try even if I he can’t. He’s still working on getting on the bathroom counter. His Mission Impossible recreation was not quite successful. But as you can imagine, nothing is safe.

This week’s lessons have been:

  • No climbing on the humans at their meal times
  • No pooping in the house plants
  • If you stand behind a human while the are doing something in the kitchen, you’re probably going to get stepped on.
  • If you run at top speed at the human’s feet while they are walking, you’re probably going to get kicked
  • Do NOT stop on the stairs just as the humans are walking up/down them so they almost trip and fall. They do not like it and they yell really loud

And humans really do not like claws and piranha teeth on their skin. Especially on their nose, and really especially at 5 a.m. when they are sound asleep.

But one area we have made progress with is friendship…

All the cats are getting used to having the interloper around. Relic and Rupert are still spending most of the day in the catio (though that’s probably more to do with the nice weather than anything). But Relic has stopped running every time he sees the tiny terrorist. And Rupert has reclaimed his spot on the bed at night, and won’t let the little guy push him out.

But Burton…

… has warmed up most of all.

Burton has actually started playing with Lemmy. It started with just swatty paws, and has progressed to brief wrestling matches. But Lemmy is a bit of a screamer, which kind of freaks Burton out. Burton’s not playing rough enough to hurt Lemmy, but you’d never know it from the screeching coming from that tiny bit of fluff.

And last night…

We even had a brief snuggle session on my lap. It would have lasted longer, but Lemmy just can’t resist a swishing tail…

15 thoughts on “A little more Lemmy

  1. Michelle Cooper in New Zealand

    Lemmy’s settling in well. Judging from his build he’s going to end up larger than the boss – i.e. Prince Rupert the gorgeous. =^..^=


  2. Patty

    It didn’t take Lemmy long to adjust. I would love to have a kitten but when Ozzy was a kitten he wore me out with his antics. He is now seven and so laid back it’s hard to believe he was that same kitten years ago,
    It’s great the other cats are getting used to him, even Relic, Love seeing pics of your fur babies.


  3. Kittens are so full of energy, and they are really quite silly most of the time.
    Lord Burton is wise to take the young’un under his paws; there is a great deal of snoopervisory information that must be passed on to the younger generation.


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