Grey days

With my pumpkins finally knit, it’s time to turn my attention back to Dad’s Christmas sweater. When I last left it, I had finished the raglan increases and needed to knit a few more inches before dividing for the sleeves and body.

Well – despite working on it for a couple of evenings, I still have a few inches to go before I can split. And yes, Lemmy is the main culprit.

Evenings are prime play time for the wee rascal, and knitting is VERY exciting to him right now. The rounds are long, and they are even longer when you have to untangle a ginger puss from the yarn every few stitches or so.

I’m hoping by the start of the weekend, I’ll have the split done, and be able to make some good headway on the body before next week.

9 thoughts on “Grey days

  1. Araignee

    I kitty sat Daughter’s kitten once years ago and remember how hard it was to get anything done with her constantly thinking my projects were play things. Spinning esp was a nightmare. She would jump right into the spokes to grab at the fiber.


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