Walkabout Wednesday

Hallowe’en is out of the way, so now the town is focused on Remembrance Day. It’s Friday, and the Legion has been in full swing prepping for the last couple of weeks.

The convenience store (and other businesses) has poppies right at the checkout. Dave and I got our poppies before Hallowe’en from some cadets outside the hardware store, but I always pop a few coins in whenever I see the boxes.

The Legion is selling these signs as another fundraiser, and I’ve seen quite a few around town. I should find out how to get one for our lawn.

Alvinston’s cenotaph is unlike most of the ones I’ve seen across the province. Most of the ones I seen are usually shaped like and obelisk, where this one has this impressive sculpture.

The front lists 15 men who died in the First World War and the back lists eight men who lost their lives in the second world war. Considering the size of the township, that’s a sizable loss.

It’s situated right in front of the library on the main street, so I pass it every day when I walk to get the mail.

A ceremony will take place here at 1l am on Friday.

6 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. I haven’t seen poppies for years. My Mom always wore one as did I. The area schools often host Veteran’s Day assemblies and luncheons, and several are advertised for this Friday. It’s important to remember.


  2. Araignee

    The ladies auxiliaries used to come around with baskets of poppies for the kids in my class every year. I still have all the little baskets. They make great project holders. I’m not sure what our town is doing on Friday since they dismantles the memorial fountain and have been doing something really ugly to it for weeks now.


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