Learning about Lemmy

Just as Lemmy is the learning the ropes of our household, we’re learning about him..

One of his quirks has been apparent from the very start. Lemmy watches TV. Now Rupert will occasionally show interest in what’s on the screen (especially if he hears birds). But Lemmy watches it a lot.

He does seem to prefer nature shows, but if something catches his eye on the screen, he’ll sit and watch for several minutes until something else grabs his attention. As I type this, he’s laying on the back of the couch, watching a snow leopard chase a wolf off from her kill.

And while his is a total little love bug, it’s very clear that it’s all on his terms. If you try and pick him up or hold him when he’d rather be doing something else, you’re not going to hold on to him long.

And speaking of picking up…

He doesn’t mind being picked up, and sometimes even demands it. But when you do, you can’t carry him around… or hold him in place.

He prefers you stand in place, and hold you arm up so he can sit on it comfortably. I can pick Burton up and carry him around the house like a baby. That’s not going to be happening with Lemmy.

But when he does want to snuggle, you better be ready.

He purrs non-stop and prefers to pretend he’s your scarf.

In typical kitten fashion, he plays fast and furious. It doesn’t matter how many times I pick up his toys and put them away – it doesn’t take long for them to be scattered all over the floor again.

But his favourite toy by far is Burton.

And Burton seems to be enjoying it just as much. These two wrestle constantly, and it’s hilarious/

Relations with the other two cats are going at a much slower pace. Not helped by the fact that since Burton lets Lemmy jump on him, that Lemmy thinks he can do it with the other two.

Still, when he’s calm, they think he’s tolerable.

One thing that impressed Dave was that Lemmy took to the scratching post and cardboard scratchers right away.

He hasn’t once tried to scratch the couch or my recliner (or the walls, like Rupert occasionally does!) He has proved a little more stubborn when it comes to pooping in my houseplants though…

I tried cutting window screen inserts to deter him, but he just pulled them out. So when Dave and I were at Home Depot on Friday, I grabbed a bag of slate rocks from the garden centre. They are the large size slate you’d use in a flower bed, so hopefully that will keep him at bay. He has no problem using the litter box otherwise… it’s just if he’s close to a plant when he’s gotta go, that’s where he goes.

It’s only been two weeks, but we are absolutely smitten with the little nugget. And he seems pretty happy here too.

11 thoughts on “Learning about Lemmy

  1. 15andmeowing

    Lemmy is adorable. I like to put youtube videos for cats on the tv. They have everything like birds, fish, and the red dot. Unfortunately, our tv is not on the wall so the screen is a bit scratched now.


  2. Patty

    Lemmy is so stinkingly adorable!!! It warms my heart to see him & Burton buddies.
    I’ve been watching the adventures of a Scottish guy from Scotland traveling on his bike in Europe. In the middle of nowhere a stray, starving kitten found him, He now travels everywhere with her. He’s on YouTube (1bike1world) . They now have a special bond. I hope you give it a special peek. I love travel shows & cats so this was a winner,


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Lemmy is just so adorable! Those two white patches of fur look like some fluff he got into. It seems as though it is going exceptionally well with the other cats since it has only been two weeks and he has won Burton as a friend.


  4. Nancy

    Lemmy is the cutest thing on the internet! Maybe not that cute but I am so glad you rescued him. Speaking of rescuing, there is a momma cat with six kittens under our church office. The kittens will be ready in a couple of weeks. Do you want me to save one for you? No?


  5. What a cutie. I love how animals all have their own personalities. Zoey loves to watch TV too. We always leave the Pet Connection on for her when we leave the house so she doesn’t feel lonely. Anytime any animals are on something we’re watching, she’ll stop and watch the TV until they’re gone. I’m glad Lemmy is adjusting to his new home and new relatives.


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