Sweater weather

Whenever I had a moment this weekend, I’ve put it towards working on Dad’s Christmas sweater. Of course, that meant sitting in the recliner, so I frequently had help.

Some of it more helpful than the other. I’ll leave you to guess which was which.

I’m a few inches further along than this picture shows. But as you can see, I’ve divided for the sleeves and body. Now it’s just a whole lot of knitting round and round and round forever.

And maybe even longer if this one gets his way.

13 thoughts on “Sweater weather

  1. Araignee

    Pup hates The Mister’s new recliner. She won’t sit in it with him. Now I’ve got her upstairs with me on the couch all night which is nice but she hates the spinning wheels so it puts a kink in my nightly plans. I can’t see well enough to knit to the TV anymore so I like to spin-not anymore. Sigh…


  2. Too funny! It’s hard enough to knit forever on a sweater that size without the helpers! lol One of my old girls decideed this morning to chew on a wooden knitting needle–she hasn’t done that for years!!


  3. The sweater looks great. I finished Piper’s “Wonderful Wallaby” this morning. Now I need to start Mandy’s cardigan. She wants another “Portage” sweater.
    I love your helpers. LBB needs to teach Lemmy how to act when Mom’s knitting, although that last photo is a keeper for sure. He looks as though he’s knitting. 🙂


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