10 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Rupert, when Sweetie sang me awake early this morning, I was shocked to see how light it was outside…I thought I’d slept in!
    But no; it was the snow that made everything seem lighter than it was.
    And the cold is here for a few more days, so we are hibernating too.


  2. Araignee

    Hahaha….me and him both!
    I’ve spent hours trying to get our one remaining outside kitty in the house for the winter. She’ll only stay in if I leave the door open a crack. I made a little insulated panel for the sliding doors that she will come in and out of but I can’t leave that in all night or I’d find a house full of raccoons and possums in the morning,..lol.


  3. Yep. It seems we all agree with Rupert. Zoey doesn’t want to go outside to go potty, even with her coat on. She runs out, does her business and runs right back to the door. I understand perfectly. We have to go outside with her now that we’re in the apartment. We sure don’t mess around. It was -7F with the windchild this morning. She definitely didn’t like that.


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