Saturday with Lemmy

We have reached almost two weeks with Mr. Purrmister in the house, and it’s already hard to imagine our life before him.

He had his first vet check-up on Monday, and everything went well. He weighs almost 3 lbs, and is nice and healthy. We did get sent home with de-worming meds, and some drops for ear mites, but we expected that.

He and Burton continue to be great companions. Relations with the other cats are much the same. As long as he doesn’t jump on them, they will tolerate his presence.

He’s growing fast, and finding all kinds of new ways to get into mischief. Though I think we have the plant potty problem licked.

Like all good kittens, he plays hard and sleeps hard.

He is very much an unexpected gift. And I’m so happy Dave just happened to spot him as I was driving on that cold and rainy Hallowe’en day!

And I think he is too!

11 thoughts on “Saturday with Lemmy

  1. Ahh, sweet little Lemmy. He is such a handsome kitty. I’m amazed at how LBB took to him. I’m glad he has a good friend and just wait until spring when he can romp in the catio. Three pounds!!!! He’s so tiny. I love his expressions. How absolutely blessed ALL of you were when Dave spotted him. What would you have ever done without him?
    Blessings and love,


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