Under the snow

The snow melted, and the snow returned. Large parts of the province got absolutely dumped on the last couple of days! Thankfully, we don’t live in those parts.

But we did get some snow. And yet… there are still flowers…

Despite the fact that the nights have been below freezing, and the days are lucky to get above freezing, there’s still a few mums in the porch planters. In a couple of weeks, I’ll clear them out to make way for some Christmasy decor in the planters.

And these snap dragons are tough! This isn’t the only bunch with flowers still on them. There’s two or three that are still hanging in there.

And while his petal have looked better, this coneflower is still strong and upright – even with his little snow hat!

And though these guys are being stubborn, it’s safe to say the gardening season is officially over. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing growing.

I have my extensive collection of house plants to keep me going until spring. And one of them gave me a wonderful surprise this week.

Back in mid-summer, I bought this neat cactus (Hairy Rhipsalis)

It’s not spiky at all but soft and hairy.

It hung in the centre of the catio until I brought the plants in. Then I hung it in the sewing room window. It seemed really happy there, and it looked like it was growing lots of new shoots.

But I went in there on Friday and noticed…

They weren’t new shoots… but flower buds! And it was covered in them.

And such pretty little flowers they are….

Like beautiful little indoor snowflakes!

8 thoughts on “Under the snow

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I have never seen a Hairy Rhipsalis. The blooms are so exquisite. With your collection of indoor plants, I imagine you will always have something in bloom thru the winter.


  2. We still have some mums blooming here too. With the ridiculous cold and wind we’ve had, that surprises me.
    But those cactus flowers. They look like decorative golden Christms lights. So pretty and I’ve never seen anything like it before, The flower is so elegant while the plant is, well, crazy looking! 🙂


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