Friday felines

As you can probably imagine, it’s been hard to get a picture of all four cats in one place. But the other day, I finally managed it.

Of course, it was in the bed I was about to make… but what can you do.

And no… Rupert was not thrilled about Lemmy’s proximity to him. The bed is 100% Rupert’s territory. Unless it’s nice outside, you can pretty much count on finding him there. Happily, Lemmy hasn’t shown much interest in the bed… unless, of course, I’m in the bedroom. Then his favourite thing to do is jump up there and dive bomb poor Rupert.

Happily, this time I managed to keep him distracted long enough for him to settle down. Still he insisted on being as close to Rupert as he could get.

Rupert kept a wary eye on him, but refused to give up his rightful spot. And eventually…

…there was peace in the land.

Yes… Lemmy is almost as big as Rupert, even at this young age. Rupert is a little taller and longer, but not by much and not for long. Rupert is a very small cat, and it’s not going to take long for Lemmy to outgrow him.

7 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I was thinking the photo would be at feeding time. Rupert does look irritated in the first two photos. They look so sweet in the last photo,


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