Let the indoors bloom

When I showed off my cool, blooming cactus last week, a couple of you mentioned that, with the size of my indoor plant collection, I must have a few other “bloomers” over winter.

And you’re right!

I have five different shades of African violets. Pink/white, solid pink, purple/white, light purple, and dark purple.

Only the pink ones are blooming right now. But when they are in for the winter, they stay under my grow lights, which really keeps them happy. At any one time, at least one is in bloom, all year round.

My goldfish is blooming. I don’t know if this plant has a “season”, but it always seems to bloom in winter for me. It was on the sun porch all summer and didn’t bloom once!

My white Anthurium has a couple nice big blooms. I have a pink one too, but it’s not blooming at the moment. I need to add a red one to my collection.

This mottled crown of thorns is also in bloom. I have a solid white one (not blooming at the moment), but I kind of prefer this one – there’s something so interesting about it’s greenish petals with the little pink blotches.

The pale yellow orchid I keep in my kitchen window is thriving. This is it’s second bloom since I bought it. It surprised me by putting up a bloom stem almost immediately after the first one died off. I was planning on re-potting it as I think it needs a bigger pot, but I’ve had to put it off. I don’t want to disturb it while it flowers.

I have seven orchids in total (all Phals), and I was very excited to discover that TWO more are getting ready to bloom.

I have no idea what colour these will be – I didn’t mark the pots, and I can’t remember what I had. I think one of them might be pure white, but I’m really not sure on that! Regardless, I am thrilled they are blooming again. My “trick” is to put them in north or east facing windows. I discovered this a couple years ago with one I had at my office – and so far it’s worked to give me these re-bloomers!

And last… these two aren’t bloomers, but I recently potted them and they just make me so happy. They were both candles that I bought specifically so I could put plants in them after the candles burned out.

Naturally, I put my String of Turtles in the turtle pot!

But for this grand lady, I bought this succulent specifically – I thought it would look so cool – like wild and crazy hair coming out around her crown.

8 thoughts on “Let the indoors bloom

  1. Araignee

    I don’t know how you manage it with all your kitties. My cats would have eaten every single one of those lovely things and then thrown them up all over the floor. I can’t even have cut flowers in the house without finding them digested but when I grew them some kitty grass….no takers.


  2. You have such gorgeous plants Val. My orchid did so well at the house, but here I don’t have any north or east windows. I have it in a west window as that’s the only direction we face. I do hope I get another bloom from it someday.


  3. That last one could be the skeleton of Medusa.

    Your phals probably would prefer to stay in the pots they are in. They like to be root-bound and unless they are falling over, you are probably fine as they are.


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