December babies

Saturday morning, Dave and I were up before dawn and on the road to Mom and Dad’s. As you may recall, we are a major December baby family. In just the immediate family, Miss Paisley, my brother, my dad, and I, all have December birthdays.

Since Miss Pee is currently living with Mom and Dad (going to college near by… how in the HECK is she old enough for college???), and has the first birthday of us all, it was a good time to get together and distribute presents.

Dave and I got Miss Pee a CAA membership. It’s not a sexy present, but as she’s on the road a lot now (driving from Niagara to Owen Sound and back again!), it’s certainly a practical one! Her car is in decent condition, but as I told her, within my first few years of driving, I ran out of gas, locked my keys in a car, ran down the battery, and got my car stuck in a farmer’s field. Crap happens, and having CAA makes digging out of it far easier.

And it seems we weren’t the only one with the idea! She immediately texted her Mom, because Jenn had been thinking of getting it for her too! Then Jenn texted back and told her that Uncle Shaun had been contemplating it as well!

For Dad, of course, I had the pile of blow molds from our earlier adventures.

The weather was above freezing, so he took advantage of it and got to work decorating the house.

My birthday isn’t for another week, but I got a whole bag full of goodies!

Mom made me another cross-stich project keeper (with gnomes!!!!), and filled it and the bag will all kinds of cross-stitch and quilting goodies!

For the rest of the day, Mom, Miss Pee and I did a little crafting, while Dave and Dad put snow tires on Miss Pee’s vehicle.

We had left at 6 am, and got home just over 12 hours later. It was a long day, but a good day! I’ll see my brother at Christmas, so he’ll have to wait until then for his present!

8 thoughts on “December babies

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful celebration for the December birthdays (minus one) and great family time! When I read that Miss Pee was going to college, I was astonished. How can she be that old?


  2. Araignee

    December birthdays are the best-except for the ones after Christmas. You have to feel sorry for those poor slobs. Daughter’s baby will have his first birthday on January 3 and is trying to whip up enthusiasm for it with no takers. Poor kid. No one cares about January birthdays. especially those right after the holidays.


  3. The CAA is a wonderful gift! I had my share of travel woes when I was her age, so I know she’ll feel more relaxed having that to fall back on. Love the Christmas decorations you gave your Dad.


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