Making Christmas

Skiing sock monkey has spoken!!! Only 14 day until Christmas. Time to get the tree up.

As you can imagine, this was a VERY exciting time for a certain little ginger. It’s his first Christmas, and he didn’t waste any time checking things out.

He really wanted to help me fluff the tree. But eventually I was able to convince him he would be more help if he just sat back and watched.

We added a few new decorations to the tree this year.

For whatever reason, they don’t make a Ron Weasley ornament in this line, so it’s just Harry and Hermoine. But my favourite of all of them is Oogie Boogie!

Last year, Mom made me a Christmas tree skirt, but I didn’t see her until the end of the season so this is the first year I’ve got to use it on the tree.

Burton thoroughly approves.

And now the tree is all lit and sparkley and beautiful! And so far, after a few swats at the ornaments, Lemmy has been keeping his paws off. Should we take bets on how long that will last?

6 thoughts on “Making Christmas

  1. Shirley Elliott

    My first thought when I read your title was “this should be interesting”. Love your new ornaments and the tree skirt is just beautiful. It compliments Burton so well,


  2. Araignee

    I LOVE those Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments! I just put my tree up this morning and I am also taking bets on how soon it will be before the kitties decide to undecorate it for me. I see one little bugger behind it right now giving it a good sniff.


  3. Nancy

    When our Smokey was Lemmy’s age I pulled her out of the Christmas tree at least a dozen times a day. I was not amused. She was an ornery kitten which is probably why she bonded with my husband. Lemmy will probably be a good kitty and not pester the tree too much.


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