Sewing the day away

Well… it took less than 24 hours for Lemmy to get in trouble with the tree.

When I went to bed, I left him on the tree skirt…

The picture of innocence.

When I got up the next morning… the tree was gone. Like completely GONE!!!

Dave had gotten up before me, and I asked him how bad the scene was when he came down. Apparently, the tree was still standing, but there were several ornaments on the floor and Lemmy was happily playing with a noisy one – a big bell. That’s why Dave had gotten up – Lemmy was making quite the racket with it apparently. I didn’t hear a thing.

Dave, who does not have as much patience for kitten antics (and was probably still a little upset with the fact Lemmy had aerated his shower curtain a few days earlier) picked the tree up and put it up on the kitchen counter. I was informed that I needed to find a higher place for it. One that little ginger paws could not reach.

So I moved some plants around, and now it’s on top of the livingroom plant stand. We’ll try the floor again next year when our little Lemonhead is a little older.

Once that was taken care of, I headed up to the sewing room. I needed to catch up on my Sewcialites blocks. Happily, I was only two behind, so it didn’t take too long.

We now have seven blocks total, and it’s shaping up to be a very cheerful quilt.

8 thoughts on “Sewing the day away

  1. Araignee

    I have a beautiful vintage silver pom pom tree and a box of the most gorgeous glass ornaments that have not seen the light of day since the kitties showed up which had been 12 years now. I say hello to it every year when I get out the cheap Ikea plastic tree and the non-breakable ornaments. The tree I use now is pretty but nothing like the other one. The last year I put it up I put it high on an armoire I had in the living room at the time and they still managed to mangle it.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    The first photo is beautiful and perfectly captioned. They look so cute together on the new blocks. (New blocks looking pretty good also!)


  3. Nancy

    That little stinker! So much for not pestering the tree too much. I do understand Dave’s lack of patience with kitten antics. They can get old real fast but that doesn’t stop me from wishing I could have witnessed Lemmy’s fun.

    You have a shower curtain and not shower doors? Lucky you! I prefer curtains as I don’t like having to clean the shower before I get out. Or even a couple of days later.


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