Behold the button tree

Facebook can be a dangerous place. Already overloaded with Christmas projects… I saw something I just HAD to make. A button Christmas tree!

I have a large collection of spare buttons, inherited from an old relative. All I needed was some pins (which I got from Amazon) and a stryrofoam cone (purchased from a dollar store)

I put it all in an cardboard pop box, and settled down in front of the tv one evening.

Burton always loves it when the buttons come out, and settled in to help. It wasn’t a super fast project, but by the time the evening was up, I had a completed button tree.

Burton looks rather pleased with our work.

And I must say… I am too!

8 thoughts on “Behold the button tree

  1. kayT

    I definitely need to make one of these!

    Shadow says she can help…I don’t trust her though. She’s a brown tabby and you know how untrustworthy they are. Her brother Streak is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (yellow kitty) so I guess I am on my own. You’re lucky to have Burton.


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