Final Quilt FO of 2022: Burton’s Christmas quilt

As is was the last weekend before Christmas, I took some time this weekend to get the quilting done on Burton’s Christmas quilt..

I just did some plain crisscross stitching for the quilting, then sewed on the binding. That evening, I settled in to sew the binding down by hand.

This, of course, was a new activity for wee Lemmy, and he thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. Being that it’s a cat quilt, it’s small, so it didn’t take very long to finish it up.

As mentioned previously, the pattern is Oh My Stars. My favourite for when you want scrappy, simple, and fast. It’s all made from Christmasy scraps. For the back, I pieced together some chunks of plaid flannel I had left from the back of another quilt.

Burton is just thrilled with the decor change.

Though it looks like I have to teach him a little something about the spirit of the season and sharing…

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