Snow where to go

Like many of you, we got hit by the big pre-Christmas storm. It started as rain Thursday night, and by Friday morning it was a full on blizzard. By Saturday things were calmer, but the wind was still high

The snow was light and dry, and with the wind that spells trouble for travel – especially in wide open spaces. Large parts of the area around us had roads closed due to whiteout conditions, and blowing snow.

On Christmas Day, we were supposed to head to my brother’s. He lives three hours north of us and the drive takes us all along the shore of Lake Huron. We were hoping things would clear up by Christmas morning, but about 70% of the roads we needed to take were closed. The other 30% were marked as snow-covered with poor visibility

So it was Christmas Day at home.

The snow might have changed our plans, but it sure is pretty!

Burton and I decided to take advantage of the unexpected free time, and work on some languishing quilts.

We had a marathon trim session and trimmed up all the flying geese for the Little Wishes nine-patches. It took quite a while (There were 116 to trim!), but we got them done and started sewing our blocks together.

And we just kept sewing. It took all day but…

We now have 30 big, beautiful scrappy blocks ready to be turned into a quilt top.

I’m sad we have to wait to celebrate, but I’m happy I made such good use of the time!

7 thoughts on “Snow where to go

  1. Stephen DID make it up from Virginia. I had my doubts for awhile due to weather conditions. He has to drive through the Catoctin Mountain area. Luckily, Saturday was clear.

    We had a bit of excitement on Christmas morning. The Ashburn, VA fire department called him to say they were going into his apartment. His fire detector was going off. Thankfully, it was just a bad detector. It should all be replaced by the time he goes home. All’s well that end’s well, even if you momentarily have a heart attack as his mom. LOL

    Hope you get together with your family soon.


  2. Araignee

    A white Christmas! What a gift-minus the part where you can’t go anywhere. The quilt top is lovely. I do so love stars. I need to make an effort to work on my point game this year. I do believe I just pulled out a quilt kit that has stars.


  3. We actually had our warmest weather all week on Christmas day. It got up to 12F! It also unexpectedly snowed for a little while too. Definitely a white Christmas in this part of the world too.
    Your blocks turned out beautiful and it’s better to be safe at home than stranded in the car somewhere. And you get another Christmas to celebrate!
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. The storm that passed thru NC brought heavy winds and frigid temperatures. I was so thankful that I did not lose power and my vehicle started. Sorry your family celebration was postponed. You made excellent use of your time as the quilt top is beautiful.


  5. jatshaw

    Fortunately the ice along with the snow melted here on Christmas Eve so it was easy to get around on Sunday. Sorry the snow messed up your family time and hope by now things are better. Nice work on the quilt; it’s beautiful!


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