Tiny Needle Tuesday: On the gnome stretch

Im happy to say, I’m in sight of finishing the Christmas Gnomes before the new year.

I got all my blanket stitch done. It did improve a little as I went along. After that I sewed the beards and noses on.

I added the bell to the left gnome’s hat, and some stripes to the candy cane. There was supposed to be some embroidery on the middle gnome’s hat, but as I said before, my embroidery skills suck… as evidenced by the terrible stitching on the candy cane. I decided the hat was just fine with out it.

The next step was sandwiching and quilting. If I was headed to Mom’s any time soon, I’d just whip it off there on the quilting machine. But I’m not. And there’s too much going on for much straight-line quilting.


I put it in my big cross-stitching frame and I’m hand-quilting it! It’s the first thing I’ve every hand quilted. And my hand quilting skills are barely better than my embroidery skills. But still… I think it’s going to be fun!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday: On the gnome stretch

  1. Shirley Elliott

    While I do not enjoy hand quilting, it adds so much to a small piece like that. I can see places where you blanket stitch is perfect. Your skills are improving.


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