Knit year in review: 2022

If 2022 was lighter on quilting, the craft that REALLY took a hit was knitting. In 2021 I knit 26 projects (most of them socks). In 2022… just 17 projects. And all of those but one, were small projects.

The same reasons apply for the lack of knitting as it did for the quilting. Just too much time spent on other things. While knitting is usually my evening relaxing craft, by the time evenings rolled around, I was too tired to pick up the needles.

The biggest project I completed was my Hemlock Ring blanket

I’m still chuffed with the finish of this. It had been on my to-knit list since the pattern came out over a decade ago. And I’ve made good use of it this season. The office is quite chilly, so it’s almost always on my lap while I’m working.

The next biggest project was the Birthday bolero for Miss Wren. Can you believe that little stinker will be SIX in 2023? I have to start thinking about her next birthday knit soon.

After that… the rest of the projects were all wee…. baby things, or socks.

I only managed to knit four measly pairs of socks this year. And all of them were vanillas, and all for small lady feet. By comparison, I knit 15 pairs in 2021!!!

Yet… while 2022 was light on knitting, I did cross off a couple things I really wanted to knit… like Hemlock Ring AND…

Knitted pumpkins!!!!!!

I do really hope 2023 brings more time to knit though. If not only because I may or may not have lost my mind seeing Felici on sale for $3.49 a ball, and have a big Knit Picks order working its way to me as we speak…

8 thoughts on “Knit year in review: 2022

  1. I think I’ve only finished 6 knit items and some of those hats! But close to 200 sewn/quilted items, so we know where my time went! And of course, a ton of those were small!!! Sorry y ou had to miss Christmas with the family, but I am sure the boys were happy to have you home.


  2. jatshaw

    I think you did great! That beautiful blanket must have taken hours, and that sweater with its adorable button looks great on Wren. (Watch out; she will be graduating from high school faster than you can even imagine.) BTW, I feel good if I finish one pair of socks! And I sure have a lot of unfinished ones. Happy New Year-almost!


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