Quilt year in review: 2022

Looking back, there’s no doubt about it. 2022 was a slow year in terms of crafting. And I don’t even have the excuse of the move this year.

In 2021, I completed 28 quilts. In 2022, I was down to 20.

I think it all comes down to just being busier at work. There wasn’t time during the week to sneak in and throw a few blocks together here and there. Getting the garden established also took up a good chunk of my free time in spring/summer/fall.

Still, 20 quilts in a year isn’t too bad. Nine of those were baby quilts, and two were Burton quilts.. but that means nine of them were lap-size or bigger.

The biggest, of course, was my cousin’s wedding quilt.

A big blurple batik beauty!

I made a couple quilts for myself too.

My gnomes for chilly evenings on the sun porch, and my retro Kitty Corn Hallowe’en quilt.

But I think, of all the quilts this year, my favourite was Fright Night.

This is one of those projects that came out looking even better in real life than it did in my head. It was also my first project that involved applique! So new skill added!!! I have enough fabric to make another one like this (though I’ll change kitty up a bit so it’s not an exact match), as well as fabric set aside to make a spring/summer version.

So while I might not have had as much output as I would have liked in 2022… the quality of that output was pretty pleasing!Still I hope 2023 brings me a little more time at the sewing machine.

8 thoughts on “Quilt year in review: 2022

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Loved seeing each of those quilts again. Each is just awesome! I think you had a pretty productive year when you consider you are working full time, establishing yard/garden, renovating a house, etc.


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