Winter Solstice

After completing the two quilt tops, the only quilt I had left in progress was the Sewcialites sew-along quilt. There’s still blocks coming for that, so I decided it was fair to start something new.

A while back, I bought these two batik Jelly rolls on sale, with the intention of making the Jelly Snowflake quilt. Now silly me didn’t actually look at the pattern instructions before I bought, and I actually needed yardage for the background fabric (the black snowflake batik) instead of 2.2 inch strips. Happily, I found some yardage on sale in December!

As you can see, Burton was very excited about starting this one. I was too. So excited that I put the whole thing together in one long day!

It’s a small lap quilt, and I wanted to make a little bigger, so I set it aside and decided to come back to it the next day. Before sitting down to figure out the borders, I pulled it out and spread it on the bed, and went to get some graph paper. When I came back….

Now it’s not unusual to come back and find one cat on my work… but three? There must be something special about this one. (If you are wondering where Lemmy was, he was on a big furry blanket on the box under the window).

Eventually, I got my borders graphed out, blocks sewn, and everything added to the quilt.

Now the quilt is 58″ square. It’s still not huge, but a good size for lap quilt.

I have a lovely blue batik for binding, and a soft, snuggly flannel for the back (which looks black here but is actually navy blue.)

Now I’ve got several quilts to quilt, so it’s time to schedule a trip to Mom’s!

10 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Araignee

    What a beauty! You just reminded me I haven’t taken out my snowflake quilt yet. Maybe it will bring me luck for some of the white stuff before winter passes us by.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful quilt top!!! I love how you improvised and added borders to make it the desired size. Your borders are just wonderful.


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