Friday felines

One of the presents we got this year was a new cube for the cats

You may recall we had one of these back when Peno was alive. In fact, it was one of her favourte places to sleep (it was always beside Dave’s couch so she could be close to him.) When she died, we decided it was time to get rid of it. It was pretty ripped up (she loved to use it as a scratcher).

I was thrilled to get another one, because Peno wasn’t the only one who liked it (though she had definitely claimed it as her territory)

It was no surprise that Burton was the first one in it (even before I got it properly set up. If Peno wasn’t on it, chances were you could find Burton in or on it. I think he was VERY excited to have another one in the house again.

And naturally, Lemmy gave it a thorough inspection.

But the BIG surprise…

Was Relic sauntering in and making himself right at home. Going inside of things is NOT normal Relic behaviour. He’s generally much more comfortable in free and open spaces with lots of options for escape (not surprising given his years as a stray). But he stayed there for quite and while, even having a little cat nap in there.

Not entirely sure how Burton feels about this development. I think he was hoping to have this one all to himself

9 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Patty

    Sounds like they gave you the stamp of their approval! I take it Rupert didn’t care and enjoyed his tunnel on the bed?
    I wonder if my cats would enjoy something like this. They have so many places to sleep but still prefer sleeping in small flat boxes scattered around the house😸


  2. It looks like three of the four felines have definitely decided they like the cube. We should have had something like this for George. He loved hiding in small spaces. The cube looks super comfy for them all. I wonder if one day you’ll find LBB and Lemmy curled up in there together?


  3. Araignee

    That’s a great cube. I tried one on my kitties last winter and they wouldn’t go near it. I don’t think they like being trapped in anything. The would have loved that top however…I think. I bought an Ikea cabinet to put under the front window and topped it with one of those soft kitty beds and no one uses it. I can’t figure these guys out at all. What they like best is a towel on the floor. That they will sit on.


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