Cutting red

Since I put the snowflake quilt together so quickly, I felt no guilt whatsoever about starting another quilt. This time one for myself.

Back in December, I bought that set of red and cream fabrics to make myself a nice, big bed quilt. I’d settled on the Jubilee pattern. Mom finished one last month and it turned out just stunning.

I laid out all my fat quarters and paired them up.

You can get two squares out of each pair of fat quarters, so like Mom’s quilt, mine will have 16 squares as well. After pairing up, it was time to get cutting

That’s as far as I got, but this one is ready to go as soon as I have a free hour or two to sew!

10 thoughts on “Cutting red

  1. Jacqueline

    I’m in awe of your quilt making skills. I have two quilts on the go at the moment. A hand sewn hexi quilt, which I think is nearly finished, and a half square triangle machine sewn quilt, which I need to get back to. I’m not a huge fan of the cutting out.


  2. Araignee

    Your mom’s quilt is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a predominately red quilt. I’m always tempted when someone comes out with a red collection.


    1. He is always ready! I’ve never had a cat quite so involved in my crafts. Lemmy is a close second now. The first thing the do when I open the sewing room up, is have a wrestling match on the floor under my feet as I try to get things ready ________________________________


  3. What a pretty pattern (your Mom’s looks wonderful) and I adore red & white together. Yours will end up being stunning I’m guessing. You are a quilting machine!!!


  4. Wow, you are getting so much done!! Love that quilt your mom made, and yours will be stunning!! Hmm, I have a layer cake of cream and red. Love all the kitty stories and adore your antique finds.


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