Do you want to build a snowflake?

When I showed the first snowflake quilt, I mentioned that I was pretty sure I could get a second quilt out of the leftover fabric.

A little more sensibly, I made the blocks one over several days instead of all in one day.

On the weekend, I took a day to put the top together.

And there must be something about the batiks, because once again, this one proved very popular with all the cats.

I decided to go a little simpler on the borders with this one.

Lemmy seems to think it was a good decision.

I have a back coming for this one. Yes… I fell off the no-spend wagon again. But it was (mostly) fabric I needed for this and other planned projects.

I’m headed to Mom’s this weekend to quilt. The fabric probably won’t arrive before I go, so it will probably be February before you see this one finished. But I’ll have the first snowflake quilt (as well as a few others) to keep me busy all weekend long. Next week will be a parade of FO posts!

9 thoughts on “Do you want to build a snowflake?

  1. Shirley Elliott

    The second quilt is just as beautiful as the first one. (Of course, it is.) In the photo, it looks as though Lemmy is the same size as Peno now. All four are so photogenic.


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