Friday felines

While you know these two are as thick as thieves and have been almost since the day we brought Lemmy in…

Several of you have wondered how well the other two are doing now that it’s evident the interloper is here to stay. And the answer is… pretty well, actually.

Dave thought Rupert was going to be the most resistant, but he’s actually caved pretty quickly.

Rupert loves to chase and be chased and Lemmy is all for that! Their favourite time to rip through the house, making as much noise as possible, is of course, right when we get into bed.

Lemmy is almost as tall as Rupert now, and it won’t take long before he outgrows the older ginger. It’s hard to say how much Rupert will like the game then.

Relic has been a harder nut to crack.

Of course, poor Relic had to deal with over a year-and-a-half of hostility and sneak attacks from Rupert before they became friends, so I think it’s only natural that he’s wary of the newcomer.

Relic isn’t outright hostile to Lemmy – he usually just whine, and leaves whenever he comes around, but Lemmy quickly realized jumping on the gentle giant wasn’t going to get him anywhere.

Since then, he’s been slowly trying to get him to warm up to his presence.

He’s slowly worked his way into getting closer, and closer, usually when Relic is having a nap.

I wouldn’t say Relic “likes” him yet. But he’s certainly learning to tolerate him.

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. What sweet pictures. It’s nice to see the 3 amigos warming up to Lemmy!! Love the picture of Relic on the table with all the plants and Lemmy on the shelf underneath – too cute.


  2. That one photo shows how big Relic is compared to the others. What a difference.

    It looks like everyone is doing just fine. You have the most photogenic CATS!!! I love all these photos.


  3. Araignee

    My two boy kitties got into a slapping fight the other day resulting in one big head wound and lots of vet bills this week. I’m posting about it tomorrow. It’s been a week. The two of them have lived together for almost 5 years in peace now and suddenly they hate each other? WTH?


  4. I can only imagine the snuggles, cuddles and love having four cats gives you. Lemmy is patiently worming his way into the hearts of his siblings isn’t he. Relic won’t have a chance! Before he knows it, he too, will be snuggling with Lemmy.


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