FO: Burton’s Winter Quilt

Burton is feeling much better and on was back on the job

He helped me sandwich his quilt. Because I generally sandwich quilts at Mom’s Burton doesn’t usually get to be part of this process. He found it very interesting.

I did some simple, straight line, stitch-in-the ditch for the quilt, and in no time, it was all together.

It’s wonderful and wintery, perfect for a chilly January. And he seems quite pleased with it.

It’s all batiks, leftover from the two snowflake quilts (yet to be quilted). I forgot to take pictures of the back of it, but it’s just a chunk of mottled light blue flannel I picked up on clearance.

Now I’m thinking about a Valentine’s quilt for him… February is fast approaching.

8 thoughts on “FO: Burton’s Winter Quilt

  1. Araignee

    I love those little kitty quilts. What lucky fur babies you have. My kitties have to settle for a towel on top of their beds. I learned the hard way with the mites and even though they are all on a preventative I still wash their bedding every day.


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