First FO of 2023: Gnomes for Christmas

It felt like I just couldn’t find a minute to sit down an finish the binding on my poor Christmas Gnomes. But then Lemmy forced me to stop, and I took advantage of the imposed downtime.

And compared to a quilt, the binding on this wee thing took no time at all!

The kit actually came with plain black fabric for the binding, but when the time came, I couldn’t’ find where I put it. There was a small chunk of polkadots left from Little Wishes, and it was just enough for the binding… so I call it a happy accident. Those dots just up the whimsy of the piece even more in my opinion.

There’s all kinds of fun details in this little wall-hanging. From the bell on one of the hats, do the big wooden noses, and of course, those fluffy beards!

Mom gave me this kit for Christmas 2021. My plan was to have it up for Christmas 2022. It obviously didn’t happen, but now it’s tucked away safely with the rest of the Christmas stuff and ready for Christmas 2023!!!

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