FO: Jack Frost

It’s not deja vu… I wasn’t planning on it, but I managed to get the second snowflake top quilted and bound this weekend too!

Now, it’s not exactly the same as the first one (which already sold, btw!!!!). This one has different fabrics, which lean towards the more aqua side of the blue spectrum.

And the borders are a little different too, though they are the same size (making both quilts 58″ square)

The back, however, is the same navy snowflake flannel. That wasn’t the plan. But when I started sandwiching the first one, I realized I bought more yardage than I remembered buying. With a little creative piecing, I was able to get both quilts out of it. That thrilled me to no end. I had bought some fabric for the back (a black cotton with snowflakes, I found on sale), but it wasn’t flannel, and I REALLY felt like this design deserved flannel on the back.

So the cotton I bought has been packed away in the stash, and this quilt is now in the shop!

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