Friday Felines

Today’s Friday Felines is a little different….

Remember this fun little cactus planter I have?

He came as part of a two-pack, with one green cat, and one white cat. I planted up the white one with a matching cactus, and gave it to Mom.

For a few months she’s been bugging me for help… she said her cat tail needed some attention. What kind of attention….?

Um… it’s just a wee bit overgrown for the planter. Honestly, I can’t look at that picture without laughing my butt off.

My cacti tail grew too… but not nearly as much as hers did. It’s probably less than half the size!!!

While at her place for the weekend, I popped out to Terra and picked up a new cacti tail.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_8175.jpg

I got the smallest one I could, so it might take a little longer to outgrow its home.

And as for that monster…

I found this cute bunny planter on clearance when I picked up the new cacti. I had to erect a little bit of scaffolding to keep the giant upright, but once its roots get settled, it will be able to hold its own again.

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