Tiny Needle Tuesday

I cheated a little this weekend, and worked on the shawl instead of cross-stitching. I really wanted to get past the circular part. So I only had Sunday night to stitch… but, as usual I had a couple of “enforcers” to keep me on track and stitching right until bedtime.

And as a result, I got a respectable amount of work done.

All of the stitching on the first fox (with the exception of the outlining) is done, as well as a few of the leaves dancing around him. I did NOT enjoy working with white floss on white fabric. If I’d been thinking, I’d have swapped it out for something else in my stash. But this is what came with the kit, so it is as it is. There’s not a tonne of white – just some on the two other foxes.

This is a long, narrow piece, so the next time you see it, the hoop will (hopefully) be moved a good deal higher.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    Those foxes are so darn cute! White is miserable to stitch with. I changed the colors of one of my llamas because it was too close to the background fabric.


  2. Love your fox (and I heard one in the early morning hours this a.m.!!). White on white can be a PITA. I have an entirely white sampler I am doing on white linen. I started it decades ago and then put it away…I may bring it out again!


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