Mermaid tops and bottoms

I’ve still got one top to quilt at Mom’s (the Little Wishes quilt), so I want to get a couple more tops done and maybe make a trip there before the end of the month.

So grabbed those mermaid blocks I made the other week, and threw them together into a top.

When I made the big star blocks…

I knew I wanted to do a corner star sashing as well. But I wanted to do it with a twist this time. Instead of saw-tooth stars, I turned them into friendship stars!

It was actually a little trickier, despite being a simpler looking block. With saw-tooth, you just snowball each sashing strip. But with the friendship star, I made HSTs, and had to pay VERY close attention to which way they were pointing.

But it was worth it in the end.

If I can get another top ready to quilt, I’ll book a play date at Mom’s!

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