Friday felines

I really feel like I’m seeing double a lot lately….

When they are still and quiet like this, it’s very easy to tell them apart. But when they are streaking by at the speed of light… good luck!

And pretty much every afternoon, I can count on a Ginger Cat Insanefest as they rip from one side of the house to the other and back again. Rupert, despite his age (he’s eight this year, can you believe it???), loves to play chase. And he doesn’t really care if he’s the pursuer, or the pursued. They often flip flop roles throughout the game.

Lemmy has quickly learned that Burton is for wrestling, but Rupert is for running.

We think Lemmy is very close to six months old now, and he’s already just a smidge bigger than Rupert. Rupert, being an adult, is more filled out. But not because he’s fat – Rupert isn’t fat at all – it’s that Lemmy is at that really long, gangly adolescent stage.

And there are lots of other differences too. Lemmy is lighter in colour, and has stripes where Rupert has swirls. And Lemmy had three white chest/belly patches, where the only bit of white on Rupert is on the very tip of his tail.

And of course, the biggest difference is their expressions… Lemmy is all sweetness and light…

Where as Rupert looks like he’s spent his life sucking on lemons…

It’s perpetual catitude with this one. I say he has “sauce-face” because he’s always so saucy.

They are just my little sweet and sour ginger pair!

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    I do love orange kitties. I used to have one ages ago. Her name was Mab. All the ones that come my way lately seem to be gray anymore. I’ve got one flame point fella with brilliant blue eyes but that’s as close as I come to a ginger.


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