Fifty shades of cat

I really want to get working on my red and cream quilt for myself, but I ‘ve got a couple projects floating around that I want to get out of the way first. They aren’t projects that have actually been officially started, mostly just the fabrics have been gathered into a pile and I have a vague or not-so-vague idea of what I want to do with them.

One such is a black and white cat quilt.

Ages ago, when I made Les Chats Fantastique, I had a pile of 10″ squares leftover from the layer cake. They were all black and white cat-themed fabric and I knew they would be great in a monochrome quilt.

On it’s own, there wasn’t enough squares for a decent size lap quilt, so over time, as I’ve made other cat-themed quilts, I’ve set aside appropriate leftovers.

And the other day, I found myself with an unexpectedly slow day at work, so I decided to get started.

I’ve learned, that when I get these bursts of energy and productivity, it’s best to ride them out as long as possible. Normally, I would stop sewing around 4 or 5 pm… but this time I just kept going. And not long after 6…

I had a respectable-sized (46″ x 64″) lap quilt top!

The block is the Pins and Paws pattern. It’s super easy to put together a whole clowder of kitties! And there are so many fun kitty fabrics in it.

Naturally, it’s Burton-approved!

On one of my last MSQ orders, I got 4 yards of this cute kitty print for the back. It’s not flannel, but otherwise it’s purrfect! And the whole thing will be bound up with more of the white paw print.

Now I just have to book a quilting weekend with Mom!

9 thoughts on “Fifty shades of cat

  1. I love it Val! The kitty shaped blocks are so wonderful and I’m sure Burton believes it will be his very own quilt. Maybe Lemmy didn’t approve of the all black and white fabric with no gold for him. He is noticeably absent during the approval process. 🙂
    Blessings and hugs,


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